Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Go Nuclear: it is Logical, Political and Moral

Logical: the use of nuclear power has proven to be vital in saving lives through medical technology, lighting a city, or powering a submarine. Further discoveries await us in how this energy source can be used in replacing fossil fuels.

Political: President O’Bama was briefed on the most recent Iranian nuclear site even before he was sworn into office. He wisely chose not to use this information against the Iranians, but to continue to focus on bringing Iran into regional and world dialogue. Russia and the United States have 96% of the nuclear weapons in the world, and are negotiating to bilaterally reduce those numbers. This sets a good precedent for all nations to enter into peace-making dialogue, even North Korea and Iran. North Korea is showing signs of coming back to the six-party talks. Iran is displaying lots of bluster, while at the same time showing signs of being willing to talk. It will be important to work with both countries in ways that allow them to preserve their dignity and save face.

Moral: nuclear energy is not good or bad. It is simply energy. The manner in which nuclear energy is used makes it moral by being destructive or constructive. Religious leaders of all persuasions must get into this conversation and help sway the tone toward peaceful vigilance toward more garrulous nations such as North Korea and Iran. This is an issue that can be addressed from the pulpit since it does not endorse any particular political figure.

The 21st century sees an Earth shrinking rapidly due to the speed of communication and transportation. Such a global village must harness all the constructive power available from nuclear energy, and in the process, strengthen cooperation between all nations. I pray that the current trend toward dialogue and weapon reduction continues.

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