Monday, October 12, 2009

Un-American to Get Flu-shot If Against your Values

Polls may “show a majority of Americans are concerned about the H1N1 virus (swine flu),” but it is perfectly ethical to decline the vaccine. You can have my place in line.

Vote “no” for vaccinations, if you believe that to be the right course. In this case, being “American” is to be held to a higher ethical standard than simply following mob behavior. I value freedom of choice over the misguided expectation of fifty-two weeks per year of good health. I value not being herded into a behavior – such as getting vaccinated - that is possibly detrimental to my health. The science behind vaccinations is not exact: seeking to prevent an illness by putting small amounts of that illness into the body has been shown to backfire. There are schools of thought that blame autism on the practice of getting young children vaccinated.

Vote “yes” for toughening up immune systems via nutrition, rest, and reasonable life-pace. Do medical doctors get trained in any of these areas in medical school? Why must a shot or a pill be the answer to all “dis-ease”-related questions? Why must health-related discomforts be viewed as illness?

My wife has finished her week of the flu, and I am finishing mine. I did not like it, but I prefer it to willingly allowing a medical practitioner or pharmacist to vaccinate me. The only person I am aware of who has received the vaccine is my 85-year-old father who promptly developed flu-like symptoms as a result. “Next!”
-- Mike Hoskinson

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